Awaken Your Inner Voice

“I would recommend Awaken Your Inner Voice as a handbook for
personal development and guidance.”
~ Kevin J. Todeschi, Executive Director and CEO of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.

Cover of the book Awaken Your Inner Voice by Nancy C. Chrisbaum and Ellen L. SeloverAwaken Your Inner Voice
A Guide to Intuition, Dreams, Meditation, Past Lives,
and Your Soul’s Creative Purpose
by Nancy C. Chrisbaum and Ellen L. Selover

Come explore your psychic inner voice and see where it leads you. Delve into this comprehensive and highly practical book to discover what your inner voice is trying to tell you. Learn to use such methods as meditation, dreams, energy healing, and past-life recall to recognize insights from your own intuition and interpret your inner promptings more accurately.

Everyone is intuitive and naturally creative. These inspiring pages will guide you on an exciting journey of self-discovery and creative expression that will enrich your daily life. The exercises suggested in Awaken Your Inner Voice are interwoven with dozens of personal stories that provide glimpses into the vastness of each individual’s unique and limitless potential.

“Just reading this book is enlightening, but using its
tried-and-true practices is what will bring soul growth.”
~ Susan Lendvay, Editor of Venture Inward Magazine

The personal stories help readers tune into ways in which spirituality and psychic input are already appearing in their own lives, whether or not they are aware of it. Furthermore, those areas of spiritual development that are already acting within a person’s life are usually the best place for a person to pursue further development. This book is a great resource for spiritual and psychic development.

“This book is a wonderful map that will help the reader discover the
riches that reside in this magical realm.”
~ Julie Loar, Author of Goddesses for Every Day

Awaken Your Inner Voice is available in paperback from Amazon in most countries. The paperback is also available from many other online retailers as well as select bookstores. If you are ordering it from a bookstore, you will need the 13-digit ISBN (978-0-9754691-9-4).

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