Awaken Your Inner Voice Available in Paperback

Cover of the book Awaken Your Inner Voice by Nancy C. Chrisbaum and Ellen L. SeloverAwaken Your Inner Voice: A Guide to Intuition, Dreams, Meditation, Past Lives, and Your Soul’s Creative Purpose by Nancy C. Chrisbaum and Ellen L. Selover is a comprehensive and highly practical book that shows you how to use meditation, dreams, energy healing, and past life recall to discover guidance from your inner voice.

Everyone is intuitive and naturally creative. These inspiring pages will guide you on an exciting journey of self-discovery that will enrich your daily life. The exercises suggested in Awaken Your Inner Voice are interwoven with dozens of personal stories that provide glimpses into the vastness of each individual’s unique and limitless potential.

In this remarkable book you will:

  • Learn about lucid, past life, and precognitive dreams
  • Uncover avenues of spiritual attunement and how to avoid pitfalls on the intuitive path
  • Discover wisdom from America’s “sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce

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